Sunday, October 16, 2011

On How to be Sexy.

To be sexy, is very hard. Takes a lot of time and conscious energy. I don't mean the obvious. It's not about the hours at the gym, or the cost of a boob job or nose job or something job that makes someone sexy. You don't have to have tons of money to become sexy. Surprisingly, it is already a part of each of one of us. This 'swagger' or confidence. How ever way you want to put it. Something we all kind of know but forget. Blame it on the media, short memory, lack of personal pride. But once you remember why you're the shiet, [life] gets pretty fun.

I almost believe that if each one of us carries a sense of self-love, we would be a lot nicer to one another. Because we would honor each other so much better, acknowledge each life with respect since we hold ourselves with the same mutual respect and love.

When did I get to this epiphany or rather, when was I reminded of how cool we already are? In Church. It was pretty awesome. I came across a scripture about how we should love God with "all our hearts, all our souls, and all our minds". Now this isn't an entry about some evangelization or Christian-love God thing (though I do believe His love is pretty sustaining). But the reading continues on saying that we should also love our neighbor as ourselves. Not above ourselves, not below ourselves. As ourselves. So, with that said, our relationship with ourselves reflect on how we treat others. If there is something lacking, within or with others, we compensate. Sometimes to the point of deterioration on both relationships. There is a balance. A large ego of oneself can push others aside, while a social-martyr sacrifices self under almost any situation. There has to be a balance, a respect for one another's gifts while simultaneously honoring one's own.

So, to answer the 'how to be sexy' conundrum, it's all about love. Self-love. People-love. All the sorts of love you can think of. And, of course, not literally in that I am encouraging to "hoe out" and love all the people you can get your hands on, because then that's just.. Sex. Rather, love comes in many forms, sometimes in the form of adoration, others it is simply mutual respect or accepting each other's differences.

After a run, I came across a written chalk message that said, "Love Yourself". Yessir.


  1. This is great. Don't stop... Go on!!

  2. Thank You, Obaydul! I will continue to go "on and on".. :) Have a great week!