Friday, October 14, 2011

On the Mistress.

Seems like the past couple weeks, the theme has been about numerous loves or lovers. Is it possible to share an equal amount of love and quality of affection with multiple people? (or things or passions, what ever you want to term the third party. Can you share a part of who you are without compromising other relationships? Is there ever such a thing called, monogamy?

Our hearts are pliable, accommodating. Haven't covered the cardiac physiology in my classes yet but from my experience, I've known the heart to be pretty boundless. There are very few limitations to what we can fill in our hearts, particularly when we speak about love. Note: I'm not trying to be a romantic here. Rather, I'm trying to defend that loving one thing does not discredit the love for another. But the bigger question is, can we use this same logic to relationships with people? Actual, living breathing people with feelings? I'm sort of uncertain to answer this myself, but I will attempt to see if this may be true.

I have a dear friend that I've known for years that believes that love can transcend to different relationships, simultaneously, without compromising others. I argued quickly with her that this can not be true, that love in itself - in its most crass description - can take a lot of time and energy that we, as humans, are always restricted by. Therefore, if we have multiple relationships, would we not eventually face the fact that the more 'loves' that we have, the less time and energy we have to share amongst them? 

Or is it, with multiple loves, it all can be compartmentalized. Separate, yet significant. Is that a justifiable solution? Each relationship, standing in its own way, not necessarily taking one from the other. I want to believe that we are capable of falling in love with anything, and should not be restricted if that may be more than one person or dream. I want to think that by doing so, by loving endlessly, it's almost is God-like. Can we not open our hearts to love all, are we not capable of approaching this boundless form of love. If I was to love one thing, can I say that I love another as well and as equal? Can this logic transcend in the context of what we label as an exclusive, intimate relationship? Is the only reason why we restrict the boyfriend-girlfriend/husband-wife/girlfriend-girlfriend/boyfriend-boyfriend/wife-wife/husband-husband.. is because we simply want to feel a sense of belonging? Is monogamy just another form of security? 

I always applaud myself for my receptiveness to new things and new ideas. But, when that all gets challenged, it makes me smile. A little frustrated, but nonetheless, open for the challenge. I'm still trying to figure this out this whole thing, multiple love, mistress like life. So, if anyone has an idea, thought, proof, a strong opinion. Please let me know what's up. 

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